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Ischia, Procida and Capri are the three islands in the gulf of Naples, whose incomparable beauty was described over the centuries in the works of amazed artists and writers. Their geological origin, however, is different: Capri is in limestone and its hills are the natural extension of the reliefs of the Sorrento peninsula. The other two islands are instead of volcanic origin and geologically linked to the Phlegraean Fields.

The limestone nature of Capri is responsible for the turquoise water in sea caves and grottos, for the steep cliffs and for the origin of the three stacks called “Faraglioni”. The wonderful landscape distinguishes this island from any other all around the world: the colour of the sea, the steep coast, the over 65 grottos (the famous Blue Grotto is one of them), the three bizarre rocks (who doesn't know the “Faraglioni”?), the lemon threes and vineyards climbing the slopes, the over 850 species of the Mediterranean flora, the traces left by the Roman emperors (Augustus and Tiberius)... they are all part of the magical charm of the island.

Capri is a place difficult to forget: despite the changing holiday trends, it remains a popular destination. Its typical limestone with blue reflections forms two plateaus: a western one with the highest peak of the island, called Mount Solaro and the eastern one where Mount Tiberius is located. Both heights are linked by a verdant hill pass descending to the two harbours: Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

The island is divided into two towns: Capri and Anacapri. Marina Grande and Marina Piccola are two other residential areas, but the nice villas can be found almost everywhere, among the green Mediterranean scrub and in the stunning background.
The landscape is a mixture of wild nature, exclusive hotels and shopping for all tastes: high fashion or limoncello (lemon liquor), typical linen clothes or handmade leather sandals. Capri has always been the favourite destination of travelers, intellectuals and celebrities who meet at all hours in the famous little square (Piazzetta), the heart of the sweet life of Capri.

Pompeiexperience, with its tour, wants to show you the essence of this world-famous island: a day dedicated to the discovery of its natural, panoramic, historical and, why not, worldly activities that attract thousands of people every year!



The island can be reached by hydrofoil from the port of Naples, Sorrento or from Castellammare, to enjoy a fascinating crossing along the entire Sorrento coast.
Upon arrival in Capri (Marina Grande) you can reach Anacapri by minibus and visit the old little town and the Villa San Michele of Dr. Axel Munthe, a famous Swedish writer whose "best seller" was the "The Story of San Michele". This book tells about the time spent by the writer on the island and describes its beauty. Free time in Anacapri for lunch and then to the center of Capri to visit the "Augustus Gardens", from where you can admire the famous "Faraglioni" and Marina Piccola as well, Grace Field’s last residence. Free time for a boat trip and to discover the hidden grottos of the island, or for shopping and to reach the famous "Piazzetta", symbol of the elegance and class of Capri.