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With Pompeiexperience you rely on authorized and qualified guides who have been working in the Campania region since 1998.
Imagine the scent of lemons as you look out to sea from a terrace; imagine the light of the sunset as you wander through a 2000 year old city; imagine a steaming Neapolitan pizza as you stroll through the noisy alleys of Naples... All of these are not just places to be visited, but above all, they are impressive experiences that you should live! 

We are lucky enough to do the most beautiful job in the world: every day we reach a different place in this wonderful country and share its beauty with those who only stay here for a short time.

We look forward to taking you on an emotional journey through the history and culture of the Campania region.

Our passion is driven by several factors but perhaps our strongest motivation is to rehabilitate unrecognized areas that have always been victims of prejudice and stereotypes.

Our goal is to captivate you with our fascinating culture, which is the result of the experiences and stories of visitors and invaders over the centuries.

Let yourself be amazed by the deep interpersonal relationships of our country, which continue to exist unshakably, despite a world hiding itself behind a monitor.
Our responsibility is to expand your knowledge: our ability and, more important, our wonderful region will not disappoint your expectations!

We offer German, English and French speaking tours for individual travellers and personalized services for travel agencies, tour operators, cultural associations and school groups.

History, architecture, landscape, good food… Tell us about your passions and your way of traveling and we will organize the best tour to let you enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready to fall in love?